Most would deem the rocky, arid island of Caina uninhabitable. The island's inhabitants have determinedly defied those expectations generation after generation, building a sprawling city amid the cliffs. Caina is a maze of tangling avenues which open into hidden oases as frequently as thieves' dens, difficult for the non-native to navigate. For all that its people are rugged and rough around the edges, they are yet fiercely passionate, set on living life as suits them best, decidedly Lycene in their contempt for convention.

Places of Interest

The Great Work of Caina

The Great Work of Caina, a monument to Tehom made up of thirteen stone half-arches around a pool of water, each supporting angled mirror to catch and reflect the light of the Blood Moon during the Eclipse of Mirrors.

The History of Caina

Myth, legend, and fantasy all mingle to paint an image of the rocky island that cannot possibly be true. But the stories say...

Caina was a paradise, with rich flora and fauna, and a thriving population of exotic birds and island creatures. The waters were resplendent with fish, the storms mild, the waves gentle. The land and the sea worked in harmony.

Today Caina is barren, almost uninhabitable, and stories abound for what happened to the once lush landscape. Fantastical tales of witches, of merfolk, of demons circulate through the towns of Caina's hills, all more myth than reality. The true story is probably far less farfetched - a drought, a storm, an abuse of the land.

Inverno Family

Historically, Inverno had a strained relationship with its liege house Argento. As Argento got comfortable in Nilanza, many of the corsairs loyal to the family bristled at the softening that seemed to accompany their growing legitimacy, blades set down in favor of trade agreements. Whether the marquis meant to placate his rivals or inspire a revolt he was sure he could quell, he bestowed the arid, unforgiving island of Caina upon one of his more vocal opponents, Gregario Inverno. Most did not expect House Inverno to thrive upon the island so ill-favored by the trade winds, the rocky terrain unsuitable for either growing or building, and yet the house has persisted through stubbornness and self-reliance.

Recent generations worked to bridge the gap between vassal and liege, though most speculate that their bonding has been built upon illegal and illicit activities. When Argento fell and Inverno was taken under the wing of Malespero, the family continued to thrive. Now, Inverno has sworn fealty to Pravus, following the new Great House to even greater heights.

House Inverno refutes the rumors that the county is rife with pirates, maintaining that they are loyal and law-abiding, that their people are fishermen and mercenaries, hard folks who know how to survive. Their fishing industry isn't strong enough to support the growth Caina's seen of late.

Plots and Future Goals

Plot: Continue to grow from March to Duchy
PRP: Isle of Uaine Exploration in the Saffron Chains
Plot: Diplomatically and Violently assisting smaller islands in seeing the right way to live
PRP: Before the Nameless Throne PRP - Strange occurrences at the Theater of Caina